Immigration Services

A service oriented organization we offer global immigration services to citizens of the Middle East as well as people of any nationality. Comprehensive in reach and fine tuned to suit individuals with specific requirements, our services guarantee success in immigration.

The world is our oyster

We have a team of experienced professionals fully conversant with immigration rules of major countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European countries. Just let us know your qualifications and career objectives and we will prepare a file for immigration that guarantees chances of success.

Immigration with work

In addition to regular immigration services to USA, Europe, Canada and Australia we also offer services that will get you a work permit or temporary residence facilities that you can later convert to full resident status. We have the experience and knowledge of how immigration systems and rules of countries work and we can find ways that will help you succeed in your desire to migrate to the country of your choice.

Comprehensive service

Our immigration service is comprehensive. It covers:

  • Perfect training to prepare candidates for interviews and emerge successfully.
  • Complete documentation including preparation of support documents, filling in application forms, submissions and attending to any queries in an expert, professional way.
  • Ticketing and other procedures to help those who are successful make the travel an easy process.
  • Advice and guidance on logistics and resettlement and relocation.


It starts with advice. We offer the best advice after analyzing a candidate’s qualifications and experience on the most suitable country and the location in that country that will afford chances of greater success and smooth transition. We even help candidates with finding suitable employers and sponsors if need be. When we work for a candidate, we go all out.

Total education

If you wish to migrate to any country we offer our expert services that also include complete “education” on local conditions, places to live, housing, schooling for kids, jobs, cost of living and all related aspects of relocation. Instead of just acting as a documentation or processing agency, we are full support service for immigration. It makes a difference to people who plan to migrate because they are armed with the knowledge that helps them off to a good start in new surroundings.

Whether you wish to obtain only guidance for the moment or whether you wish to take the step to start immigration, we are here for you and welcome you to walk in and discuss your short term or long term plans. Your dreams come true through us.

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