Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is the entrepot for business in the Middle East, a gateway to Africa and a gateway to Asia and Europe as well. It is truly international. Setting up business in Dubai helps you gain access to global markets. Dubai also has the finest infrastructure for business and a trade oriented government in place. If you do not have a business presence in Dubai, it is time you did. Let us help you with a business setup in Dubai.


Dubai is one of the most liberal places for international business. Still, there are formalities to be followed and processes to be followed in setting up business in Dubai. We are fully familiar with the rules and regulations and know the right steps to follow. With our expertise in setting up businesses in Dubai, we can assist with setting up the right business model. We can help set up commercial agency, branch office, representative office, limited liability company or invest in special free zones.


We go beyond simply following formalities and registering a business. As the prime business facilitator in Dubai, we provide office space and an office address, fully furnished with all infrastructure in place for you to move in and start working. Well established in business and with connections, we can assist you in finding investors and partners for your project in Dubai. You may not have any idea of the way business operates here or of markets. Our expert marketing team assists with finding customers and trade partner, especially a majority stakeholder, as is required by local law. This is particularly important and with us to help, you get a partner who actually proves to be an asset while letting you run the business without interference.  Set up import and distribution or export business in Dubai or a manufacturing unit in the free trade zone—we are here to assist with business services.

Factually honest

You will find us ethical, transparent and pro-customer in our dealings. We are neutral and act as matchmakers and facilitators in finding the right partners to invest or trade with. When you have us by your side everything becomes smooth and you can start your business quickly and with less expense as well as hassles.

Our business setup service also includes staffing services should you need employees right from the word go or at a later date.

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